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Managed Mobility Services (MMS) offer a range of monetary benefits and both tangible (hard) and intangible (soft) advantages to organisations that utilise them. Managed Mobility Services refer to outsourcing the management of an organisation's mobile devices, applications, and related services to a third-party provider. Here's a

Cost Optimisation: MMS providers can help organisations optimize their mobile costs by providing insights into usage patterns and recommending cost-effective plans. They can also assist in consolidating and negotiating with multiple carriers to reduce costs. Enhanced Security: With the rise of mobile devices and their increasing

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is a rapidly growing industry that provides companies with end-to-end mobile device management solutions. It covers everything from procuring devices and distributing them to employees, to managing security and support for mobile devices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already impacted MMS by

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) providers offer a range of services to organisations that need help managing their mobility programs. Some of the key services that an organisation can expect to receive from an MMS provider include: Policy development: An MMS provider can help an organisation develop

Organisations have embraced Smartphone's, tablets, and similar mobile devices along with cloud services to enable workers with unprecedented flexibility, knowledge access, and productivity capabilities. The ongoing Covid 19 situation has accelerated this new working scenario. However, this tremendous investment in mobile technology can also create

  INTRODUCTION  Investing in new mobile technology infrastructure is a big decision; it creates an opportunity to better position your company against its future competition. If the right choice is made, it could ensure mobility management success for years to come. A user-friendly Mobility Management Platform (MMP) can serve as the foundation for your enterprise’s data management and predictive analysis tasks, enabling success down the road despite ever-growing volumes of mobile devices that need to be secured and managed.

  The European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25. If your enterprise mobility effort plans to lock program data down with GDPR, consider Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) the key to your company’s next-generation security. As businesses incorporate mobile technology into an increasing number of everyday workflows and processes, keeping employee devices and data safe will become more important than ever. That’s where UEM enters the equation…

Enterprise mobility is a complicated, intricately interwoven set of processes and tasks. While each company handles program management differently, there are a few basics that, if handled effectively, maximise employee safety and overall success. Much like an airline pilot needs to complete a pre-flight checklist to ensure safe passage, mobility program managers need to make sure their complex technology operates safely and effectively as well. Does your enterprise mobility effort check off all the following boxes?