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Touchcom have proven themselves time and again to be flexible and willing to adapt to Google's requirements. Their customer service is second to none, with their on-site staff regarded as the best mobile support vendors globally. They are proactive in ensuring our users experience minimum downtime and have realised substantial savings across Google's mobile fleet through comprehensive asset management and recognising mobile spend trends. Touchcom exemplify how a vendor relationship works at it's best. I would recommend them without hesitation

John Herlihy, Former CEO, GOOGLE EMEA

"Des and his team at Touchcom have always provided exceptional customer care and have looked after all our mobile communication needs for the last 25 years. With more and more new mobile technologies coming on stream with added service complications, I could not recommend Touchcom more highly"

Denis O’Brien, Chairman Digicel Group

I have worked closely with Touchcom over the last number of years, and they have proven to be a key service partner. Their expertise and knowledge in the managed mobility space has been a superb asset to LinkedIn and our end users. They have always delivered an excellent customer experience over the years, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a partner

Charlie Fitzgerald, Senior Manager EPE EMEA and LATAM. Global Manager for Mobile Operations at LinkedIn

An Introduction To Touchcom

Managed Mobility Service

We simplify the management of your organisation’s enterprise Mobile Device Management. Our Managed Mobility Service make life easier for employees, executives, and IT teams. Empower your people with useful DaaS integrations, automation, reporting, and other easy-to-use features. Touchcom’s Managed Mobility Service allows your organisation to centralise, comprehend and control the complete lifecycle of every aspect of your mobility program all through one platform.

Touchcom is a service driven company, and we place service delivery as our number one priority for our clients. Our Service delivery specialists provide your teams and employees with the expert support they need to manage any of their day-to-day mobile needs.

For effective IT mobile device management, you need to know not only what you have but also what you truly use. We provide those details in real time so you can make informed decisions about controlling IT assets, costs and expanding technology programs.

With our Partner, Flexion Solutions, we provide a fully flexible DaaS subscription offering that allows customers to outsource their device estate management and realise significant resource, operational and cost efficiencies.

Touchcom's Managed Mobility Service helps you plan, procure, prepare, deploy, and collect to align with the carrier management services that are core to the successful deployment of an enterprise mobility program.

Gain visibility and actionable insights across your entire mobile ecosystem to make the right financial choices for your organisation.


Welcome To Touchcom

At Touchcom Managed Services we provide outsourced Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to clients with a diverse domestic and global mobile fleet.

An introduction to Touchcom

Managed Mobility Service

Understand what Touchcom can do for you and your Business with our video demonstration outlining our core features and capabilities.
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