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What should an organisation expect to get from an experienced Managed Mobility Services provider?

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) providers offer a range of services to organisations that need help managing their mobility programs. Some of the key services that an organisation can expect to receive from an MMS provider include:

Policy development: An MMS provider can help an organisation develop a mobility policy that outlines the guidelines and procedures for managing mobility programs across different locations.

Program management: An MMS provider can take care of the day-to-day management of mobility programs, including managing vendor relationships, coordinating relocation services, and providing support to employees.

Compliance management: An MMS provider can help ensure that an organisation is in compliance with local laws and regulations related to immigration, taxation, employment, and data privacy.

Expense management: An MMS provider can help an organisation manage the costs associated with mobility programs, including negotiating rates with vendors, monitoring expenses, providing cost analysis and savings recommendations.

Technology solutions: An MMS provider can offer technology solutions to help streamline the management of mobility programs, such as mobile device management (MDM) software, expense tracking tools, and reporting and analytics platforms.

Employee support: Employee experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in driving the adoption of MMS. As organisations look to attract and retain talent, they are likely to place greater emphasis on providing employees with seamless, intuitive, and engaging mobile experiences.

Overall, an MMS provider like Touchcom, can help an organisation streamline the management of their mobility programs, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and provide a positive employee experience.