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Our Services

Connecting one dedicated team with another.

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Our account specialists provide your
employees with the expert support they need to manage any day-to-day mobile needs.

Over the years, our services have evolved to enhance the growing and complex mobility needs of our diverse client base. These services encompass the procurement, deployment and management of mobile devices and apps, seamlessly connecting employees to their enterprise environment.

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Device as a Service

Our partner, Econocom’s Business Optimisation Service (BOS) is a fully flexible subscription offering that allows customers to outsource their device estate management and realise significant cost savings.

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Device Life cycle Management

When your mobile device isn’t working then neither is your business – with a direct effect on employee productivity and, ultimately, revenue. The reliance on mobile has never been greater, or the need to ensure that employee devices are always on, always working and always available.

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

The Touchcom platform is designed to be seamlessly integrated with many of the most popular EMM software suites, meaning that your organisation can easily manipulate EMM controls through the Touchcom online portal.

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Intelligent Expense Management

Our ability to track trends, and our intelligent expense analysis, helps to eliminate excessive spending and thus reduce overall costs. Beyond savings, mobility expenses can also be attributed back to different cost departments to give you a detailed overview of how and what groups are accruing mobility costs, right down to an individual level.

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On-site and Remote Multilingual Help Desk Support

Experience efficient and responsive end-user support through every phase of the mobile lifecycle via our online and phone support. Our helpdesk solution can be tailored to be either on-site or off-site depending on your requirements

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Reporting and Business Intelligence

The Reporting and Business Intelligence component of our Managed Mobility Services solution encompasses the tools and professional services that provide you with practical information and analytics, in order to improve financial forecasts and conduct effective usage planning.