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2019 Enterprise Mobility Trends and Predictions

Our partner Tangoe, predicts that 2019 will bring significant changes across the enterprise mobility environment. As mobile technology evolves in unexpected ways, businesses will begin to take advantage of and utilize digital transformation initiatives.




Below are the five key areas Tangoe expects to see mobile technology drive change over the next 12 months:

  1. AI leads to advancements in edge computing: As more organizations launch AI initiatives, they will look to enterprise mobility data governance to make information more visible, understandable, and ultimately usable. To store and safeguard this data successfully, a mix of public, private, and data center-based cloud networks will be incorporated in mobility management. Enterprises will also invest in edge computing solutions to process analytics in real-time.
  2. 5G makes carriers rethink networks: Fortune 1000 business leaders believe that two-thirds of employees will experience consistent 5G connectivity by 2020 (Source). As 5G connectivity rolls out, 2019 will see a rise in cost-effective as-a-Service packages and new companies providing network connectivity—especially for rural communities.
  3. Data accelerates digital transformation: Data will become a crucial component in accelerating digital transformation. With a cutting-edge analysis platform, digital transformation leaders will be able to uncover insights and optimize stored data. However, with new regulations such as the GDPR, enterprises will be held more accountable than ever for their data vulnerabilities, causing industries to seek more efficient and secure data management solutions.
  4. Security takes center stage: As security becomes an increased concern for organizations and consumers alike, 2019 will bring an increase in access security technologies such as advanced facial recognition, scanless security features, enhanced biometrics, and zero trust cybersecurity.
  5. The Evolution of IT: The as-a-Service industry will grow in 2019 and, with this, companies will be able to choose capabilities that best align with their organizational objectives. This will enable organizations to maximize the impact of new devices, accelerate procurement cycles, and increase customer responsiveness. Ultimately, this leads to an expansion in IT budgets to accommodate these new services and offerings.

Source – Tangoe 20/12/18